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Shereen A.Wahab

Shirine Abdelwahab born Sherine Abdel Wahhab, also credited as Sherine Ahmed, October 10, 1978 in Cairo, Egypt, is a famous Egyptian pop singer.

Shirine Abdelwahab grew up in a small neighborhood of Kal3a, Cairo. Upon graduating with a degree in music, she started her musical career.

Shirine Abdelwahab’s first success was “Ah ya lil” which hitted her on the musical waves and channels and made her quickly cut through a path on the ways of success. Her subsequent title “Sabri Alil” and its video announced her as a special-styled Arab artist. Indeed, thanks to her two first hits, Shirine Abdelwahab earned a reputation of rebel female singer because of the themes of her songs and her look, which label brought more attention to her.

All Songs (30)

1. Bos Ba2a  
2. Kalam  
3. Khaletni Akhaf  
4. Ah Ya Lail  
5. Mafesh Mane3  
6. 3alashan Masr  
7. Garh Tani
8. Ah Ya Leil
9. Akheran Etgarraat
10.Al Sa3ban 3aleih
11.Alby Leek (Ft Hani Shaker)
12.Ana Fil Gharam  
13.Ana Mesh beta3et El Klam Da
14.Bahebak 2awy  
15.Mafish Marra  
16.Bahebek Ya Omy  
17.Bekelma Menak  
18.2al Sa3ban 3aleh  
19.Enta Akher Wahed  
21.Kattar Khery  
22.Keter Ben3saq  
23.Tammen Alby  
24.3ala Baly  
25.Webna2es Hayaty Ma3ak  
26.Mosh Ayza Gherak  
29.Kont Ba2ol  
30.Lebnan Fel Alb  
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